Friday, April 25, 2008

back at it

smart people--
overall, a disappointment. very well could have been called miserable people. although the piece is heavy with top-notch talent doing good work, there's almost nothing to like about any of the principal characters. one must assume this is the very plan, yet may not one also expect to see more than a hint of redemption? thankfully, thomas haden church, who plays the only allegedly not-so-smart one of the bunch (also, not surprisingly, the lone rep for happiness), is delightful in a choice, funny role. other lowlights include: ellen page's horrid wardrobe, a cliched indy soundtrack, and a dubious...ending...?
a disappointment: 2 stars

forgetting sarah marshall
what stood out most, as a surprising Positive, was the lack of traditional star power. i really enjoyed seeing some fresh faces deliver the goods. we recognize kristen bell, mila kunis, and writer/star jason segel from television; now they can be called movie stars. this is a fun flick, a witty breakup story, and nothing special. there's plenty to appreciate, i had some good hearty laughs, and i left feeling appropriately entertained. true blue popcorn pic worth the price of admission.
popcorn pic: 3 stars

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

what i Haven't been seeing

the simple, succinct conclusion is, of course, Films at the cinema.

haven't been moved. just ain't.

o, there have been several-many days in the past two weeks when i've felt obligated to drag my ass down to the theater to take in one or two ... but i just couldn't do it. i just couldn't get excited, try as i might, about the ruins. or nim's island. or drillbit taylor. or street kings. or prom night. or superhero movie. or even leatherheads.

know what i'm sayin'? do you feel me, dog?

now, leatherheads, in particular, is (yes, remains) a tougher one to leave alone. last fall i was genuinely looking forward to seeing it. scheduled as an end-of-year release, it boasts stars of heft and with verve--george clooney & renee zellweger in a zany feelgood rom-com cary grant-style throwback. stars, hijinx, love, laughs, c'mon...! what's not to love? plus it's about football. early days, leatherhead football, sure, but i Love football. and john krasinski of tv series the office; he's cool too.

but then the release date was bumped, which (ahem) isn't Always bad.... then came whispers of weakness. of tweak-ness. i waited, optimistically.
so the new spring opening came, and i waited. i listened and felt and waited. i'm still listening (which maybe is the problem, if there is indeed a problem), and i still haven't heard anything really Good about it. i hear plenty of Fine's and Okay's and Almost's and such. and i'm curious. i'm certainly curious. you see, i want to like it. i want to. (don't You wanna like george clooney & renee zellweger and hijinx and laughs & love--don't you wanna like laughs & love?!)
i do.
i just can't bring myself to Go.